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the shell of a freshwater mussel

Final recovery plan for the endangered fluted kidneyshell

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White fringeless orchid
The Tennessee Field Office is a leader in conserving Tennessee's imperiled species and their habitats, ensuring that sustainable populations of fish, wildlife, and plants continue to thrive for future generations.
A rocky shoreline of a river. The water is calm. Mist and green branches line the river.
The Ecological Services Program works to restore and protect healthy populations of fish, wildlife, and plants and the environments upon which they depend. Using the best available science, we work with federal, state, Tribal, local, and non-profit stakeholders, as well as private land owners, to...
The following description of the Fluted Kidneyshell is taken from Parmalee and Bogan (1998, pp. 204–205) and Williams et al. (2008, p. 627). The Fluted Kidneyshell is a relatively large mussel that reaches about 13 centimeters (cm) (5 inches (in)) in length. The shape of the shell is roughly oval...
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