Ways to Get Involved

Report injured/sick/dead birds

If you find an injured bird and the cause of its injury is OBVIOUS (for instance, the bird hit a power line or window, or was hit by a car, attacked by an pet etc.), please contact the following permitted and legal avian rehabilitation facilities in Alaska:

  • Anchorage: Bird Treatment & Learning Center (TLC) (907) 562-4852
  • Mat-Su Valley: Alaska WildBird Rehabilitation Center (907) 892-2927
  • Seward: Alaska SeaLife Center (888) 378-2525
  • Haines: The American Bald Eagle Foundation (907) 766-3094
  • Juneau: Juneau Raptor Center (907) 790-5424
  • Sitka: Sitka Raptor Center (907) 747-8662
  • Elsewhere in Alaska: please contact Bird TLC or the Juneau Raptor Center. 
  • Birds can also be brought to the two emergency vet clinics in Anchorage that are open 24/7 year-round: Pet Emergency (2320 East Dowling) and Midnight Sun Animal Hospital (2545 East Tudor).
  • Under 50 CFR, Part 21.12 licensed veterinarians may care for and stabilize a bird under that same authority in order to get it to a rehab center within 48 hours.

If you observe a seabird die-off event, or encounter a sick or dead wild bird(s) and the cause is NOT OBVIOUS, please call the Alaska Sick or Dead Bird Hotline at (866) 527-3358.

Before calling, please note the location (GPS coordinates are best), species of bird (if known) and the date/time found. For your safety, do not handle any sick or dead birds. For your safety, do not handle any sick or dead birds.