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Rufa red knot feeding along with other shorebirds

Red Knots are large, bulky sandpipers. They are relatively short, with a straight bill tapering to the tip. The bill, as well as wings, is slightly longer in females. Female breeding plumage has light-colored feathers amongst the belly and less distinct eyeline. However, sexes appear similar in...

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Aleutian tern on kelp in the water

dentification Tips: Length: 13 inches Sexes similar Dives into water for prey Medium-sized tern with short, slender, pointed bill Long, deeply forked tail Smoothly rounded head without crest Mostly pale underwing with dark bar on secondaries Gray mantle Adult alternate: Black legs Black bill...

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Black and white bird and yellow bill on the water

The yellow-billed loon is a migratory bird. Solitary pairs breed on lakes in the arctic tundra of the United States, Russia, and Canada from June to September. During the remainder of the year the species winters in more southern coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Norway and North Seas...

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