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Final Rule - Special Double-crested Cormorant Permit Under §21.123 in the Code of Federal Regulations Published December 29, 2020, effective February 12, 2021

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Double-crested Cormorants and Free Swimming Fish Meeting Summary

The Service conducted four workshops in August, 2018, with state fish and wildlife agencies, tribes and other federal partners to address cormorant-fish conflicts. This report summarizing the outcome of these workshops was released in March 2019. The objectives of the workshops were to:

  1. gather available information and data regarding the impacts cormorants have on free-swimming fish populations
  2. better understand the scope and magnitude of cormorant impacts on recreational and commercial fishing
  3. better understand the social and economic importance of the issue
  4. serve as a model process for addressing avian predation conflicts with other species

Informational Public Scoping Webinars

The Service held four public scoping webinars in early February 2020.

Permit Update Webinars

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides double-crested cormorant management and rulemaking updates during two 90-minute webinars. The sessions, which are equivalent and will cover the same information, provide a brief presentation by Service staff followed by a question/answer session.

Double-crested Cormorant Update Webinar 1 - February 22

Double-crested Cormorant Update Webinar 2 - March 2