Past Sessions of Youth Fish and Wildlife Club

Alaska Youth Fish and Wildlife Club began in summer 2020 as an virtual alternative to our Anchorage urban fishing program due to COVID-19. It expanded to include non-fish related topics and continues to this day. Here are all of the past topics we've covered during the summer, fall, winter, and spring sessions:


January 19 – The Science Behind Snow and Snowflakes (Please come prepared with paper and a scissors. If you don’t have those materials, that’s okay!)

January 26 – Volcanoes and Glaciers

February 2 – All About Lynx

February 9 – Ice Fishing and Safety on the Ice

February 16 – Marine Mammals: Polar Bears

February 23 – Stump A Scientist: Black History Month

March 2 – Animal Sounds

March 16 – Stump a Scientist: Women’s History Month

March 23 – Alaska's Owls

March 30 – Identifying Animals with Tracks and Scat

April 6 – Horses in the Conservation Field

April 13  – Fires in Nature and Conservation

April 20 – Plastics and Recycling

April 27 – Pollinators

May 4 – Introduction to Gardening

May 11 – Introduction to Fish and Fishing

Other Sessions:

General Wildlife, Ecosystems, Weather, Conservation, and Outdoor Recreation 

  • Alaska Trivia 
  • Animals of Winter 
  • Wildlife Safety with Trent Liebich 
  • Know Before You Go: Preparing for Fishing and Other Outdoor Pursuits 
  • Public Lands and National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska 
  • The Story of Snow and Snowflakes 
  • Leave No Trace and Pooping in Nature 
  • Equinoxes, Solstices, and Daylight in Alaska 
  • Recycling, Plastics, and Our Nearby Ecosystems 
  • Pollinators: What are they and why do they matter? With guest Sabrina Farmer 
  • Alaska’s Volcanoes 
  • Introduction to Archery with Kris Pacheco 
  • Celebrating Black History Month: Historic Contributions of Black Americans in Conservation and the Outdoors  
  • Land Acknowledgements, Alaska Native Culture, and Fish with Guest Crystal Leonetti 


  • Fat Bears and Hibernation with Biologist Joy Erlenbach) 
  • Polar Bears with Biologist LindseMangipane 
  • Horns and Antlers with Katrina Liebich and Helen Strackeljahn 
  • All About Lynx with Biologist Mark Bertram 
  • Get to Know Wolves with Ranger Michelle Ostrowski 


  • Introduction to Alaska’s Fish  
  • Zombie Salmon with Katrina Liebich 
  • Fish and Glaciers 
  • Get to Know Alaska’s Fish: Fish ID Tips and Tricks 
  • Fish Habitat: Find out Where Your Fish Live 
  • Types of Fishing: Lakes and Current with Kris Pacheco 
  • Cold Water Safety with the DNR Office of Boating Safety 
  • Preparing Your Catch with Katrina Liebich 
  • Responsible Recreation for Anglers  
  • Fish for Life: How Fish Sustain People and Other Animals
  • Fish Habitat: Find Out Where Your Fish Live
  • Traditional Methods of Hunting and Fishing with Orville Lind 


  • Waterfowl Art Tutorial and the Junior Duck Stamp Competition with Sara Wolman 
  • Migratory and Resident Birds with Biologist Callie Gesmundo 
  • Alaska’s Owls 
  • Hummingbirds and Tiny Travelers 
  • Christmas Bird Count: How to Use Binoculars and Identify Birds with Outreach Biologist Tamara Zeller 
  • Christmas Bird Count: Bird ID Bingo with Outreach Biologist Tamara Zeller 

Making Connections with Conservation Professionals 

  • Stump a Scientist with Habitat Biologist Trent Liebich 
  • Career Spotlight on Wildlife Biologist and Pilot Heather Wilson 
  • Career Spotlight on Wildlife Inspector Chad Hornbaker 

Interactive Activities 

  • Wildlife Yoga with Guest Ranger Allyssa Morris 
  • Make Your Own Binoculars 
  • Creating Waterfowl Art and Introduction to Watercolor Technique with Ranger Shelly Lawson 
  • Animals and Ecosystems Drawing Activity 
  • What’s on the Menu? Animal Diets and Eating Like an Animal 
  • Salmon Art Tutorial and the State Fish Art Contest with Digital Artist Sara Wolman 

Hunting and the Outdoors with Eric Morris of NonTypical Outdoorsman 

  • Why Hunt? Intro to Hunting and Taking Your First Steps 
  • Outdoor Activities in Alaska 
  • Matthew Henson and Exploring the Outdoors 
  • Introduction to Firearms 
  • Archery and Being an Ethical Outdoorsman 
  • Introduction to Alaska Big Game and Rifle Calibers 
  • Firearm Safety 
  • How to Plan for A Hunt 
  • Field Dressing and Processing Game 
  • A Hunter’s Guide to Conservation 
  • Introduction to Camouflage 
  • Youth Hunt Participant Panel/Q&A 
  • Chemical Compounds in Nature and Hunting 
  • Medicinal Plants and Hunter Education 
  • Trivia Game: Hunting Review