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Balloons and Wildlife: Please Don't Release Your Balloons

Balloons collected from a beach cleanup Credit: USFWS

balloon scraps pose a threat to animalsBalloons are great at birthdays, weddings, graduations and more, but once they get loose, balloons can pose a threat to many animals.  

Birds, turtles and other animals commonly mistake balloons for food, which can harm or even kill them.

In addition, many animals can become entangled in balloon strings, which can strangle them or hurt their feet and hands.

For example, more than a hundred balloons were recently collected at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey at a cleanup, and that’s just the number that made it to this one particular beach.

Some of the following pictures are hard to look at, but they make clearer than any words why we all should find alternatives to letting a balloon go.

bird strangled by balloon stringCredit: Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program

bird hanging by balloon string
Photo: Pamela Denmon, USFWS

Dead Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Photo: USFWS Eastern Shore of VA and Fisherman Island NWR
Sea turtles are especially hit hard as they surface to breathe and eat and commonly eat balloons.

Any suggestions on what we should use?
# Posted By | 8/7/15 4:24 AM
# Posted By U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | 8/7/15 8:40 AM

I would think that those who release balloons are subject to fines or more, depending upon the jurisdiction. I know that balloon-releasing rituals have become part of certain occasions (birthdays, weddings and anniversaries immediately come to mind). I have made myself the least popular guest at several of these functions by pointing these facts out to the party.
# Posted By Littering? | 8/12/15 11:12 AM

You should address impacts of balloons that don't have strings since many mass releases don't have strings.
# Posted By Cypress | 8/12/15 12:31 PM

We have plenty of brainies around. Someone should invent an edible (by birds, turtles etc) baloon - maybe made of paper or straw ?!! Think.
# Posted By SIVASUBRAMANIAM KRISHNAN | 8/12/15 1:33 PM

Clemson University does a very large balloon release before every home football game...
# Posted By | 8/13/15 12:45 PM

Or maybe we humans could stop having such wasteful traditions? Instead of releasing "balloon like" objects why not turn that celebratory event into something more positive and less wasteful: Release floral/plant seeds into the wind?
# Posted By | 8/15/15 8:07 PM

I don't release balloons, largely because it simply doesn't appeal to me. But if it's such a big deal, maybe we should allowing oil to be transported by boat, require anyone who buys a pet(including fish and hamsters) to be trained and legally licensed, ban pet snakes because they eat mice, and outlaw eating meats. Just a thought.
# Posted By Get a life | 8/18/15 7:51 PM

To believe people have common sense is hopeless.102
# Posted By Terry McCloud | 8/22/15 4:10 PM

Get a Life, please just stick to the subject here. Releasing balloons into the air IS blatant littering and should be just as illegal as tossing trash onto the ground.
# Posted By FWS | 8/29/15 7:31 PM

Releasing balloons is totally preventable and there are so many safe and fun options! I got Burke county public schools to stop releases and would love to see other counties follow. I do have a petition on change.org asking Pat McCrory, the House and Senate to stop all launches in NC https://www.change.org/p/north-carolina-state-sena...
# Posted By Emma Brown | 10/10/15 11:18 AM

Did you know that Helium is used in cooling for the superconducting magnets in MRI scanners and there is no substitute for it due to Helium's low boiling point? It is also used in breathing ventilators for infants and the ill. In 1996, Nobel Prize winner Robert Richardson issued a warning that supplies of Helium are being used at an unimaginable rate and could be gone within a generation. Life saving device or wasteful littering?
I have a petition on change.org asking NC Senate, House, and Gov Pat McCrory to ban balloon releases https://www.change.org/p/north-carolina-state-sena...
# Posted By Emma Brown | 10/10/15 11:25 AM

What about providing bubbles to blow instead of releasing balloons?
# Posted By Kathy | 10/30/15 4:32 PM

Plant trees for celebrations, or in memory of loved ones!
# Posted By | 10/31/15 7:13 PM

Maybe a company will come up with environmentally safe balloons for wildlife.
# Posted By Vero | 12/16/15 9:48 PM

Isn't it time someone created a soy based balloon that is organic and biodegradable?
# Posted By | 12/31/15 12:04 PM

"Biodegradable" balloons do exist but they can take years to break down and can wreak havoc before they decompose. No balloons are safe to release and the ribbons attached are just as deadly to wildlife.
# Posted By Mindy | 4/13/16 12:17 PM

I love the idea of releasing wild flower seeds for celebrations. A family friend passed and she provided tulip bulbs to plant in her honor. Those is much more rewarding than any balloon. We need to be stewards of our earth and wildlife.
# Posted By | 5/3/16 12:01 PM

Wish laterns are biodegradable with no wires etc. They have a wax core you light and the paper balloon folks with hot air and you release it. It's made of tissue paper
# Posted By Kathie | 5/11/16 6:48 PM

Why are they even (still) legal. People have been harmed as well. Balloons are pointless, useless, and an anachronistic thing that nobody would miss if they were gone.
# Posted By E. Pidgeon | 5/13/16 3:38 PM

" Release floral/plant seeds into the wind?"

Yes, so we can all have unwanted flowers and weeds in our yards.

How about we release nothing?
# Posted By bergerbytes | 5/15/16 11:31 AM

And the remains of your half-burned tissue paper come down - where? In the Ocean? Waxy paper is still a pollutant. On land? Someone has to pick up the remains of your "wish" and dispose of it.

My "Wish" is that people learn to take responsibility for their actions.
# Posted By Dave | 5/16/16 9:06 AM

Please stop this totally unnecessary tradition.
# Posted By Josh Kahn | 5/22/16 9:23 AM

Maybe a thoughtful song to be played exhibiting the idea of balloons and recycling into synergenic conciousness for the better of the world not the deterioration of it .
# Posted By Mark | 5/27/16 3:09 PM

Sorry I am a little late on this. I only did it once in childhood, and never gave the practice much thought. Today I went to savethewhales.org and saw a reference to balloon releasing. Upon further web searching I found your site. Great job guys! Keep educating the public on this needless and harmful practice. I am definitely against it now.
# Posted By Ra | 7/8/16 12:49 PM

Today Indianapolis Motor Speedway released 27,000 balloons at the beginning of the Brickyard 400 as they do every year. This results in 27,000 unknown spots being littered upon, not to mention the risk to wildlife. How can we get this practice stopped? Love Nascar, but this has to stop.
# Posted By Whispers in the Wind | 7/24/16 3:35 PM

My husbandur home, from 1987 until 1992 In the summer of 1987, we conducted a necropsy on a leatherback turtle that washed to shore in New Jersey, where we found the neck of a white latex balloon blocking the entrance to the small intestine from the stomach and four feet of attached ribbon in the intestine. We turned the balloon work over to the Center for Marine Conservation in Washington DC, since they had a broad base and the resources we lacked.. We are happy to see that our early work is being carried on by the next generations. Thank you..
# Posted By Susan Hibbard | 8/18/16 6:40 PM

There are many ways to celebrate occasions and safe ways too!
Qualatex balloons are biodegradable and are great way to be kind to the environment. No one is going to stop doing what they do, some have made it a tradition, but the safe products aren't being advertised. The harmful products aren't being replaced either. I think in order to preserve our way of life we need to take out the old and replace it with the new!
# Posted By | 8/24/16 8:30 PM

As we have changed the throwing of rice at weddings to bird seed, there must be a substitute for balloons...
# Posted By | 8/25/16 2:28 PM

"Qualatex latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex — not plastic. Our latex balloons are biodegradable, and decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your backyard! "

Well, my backyard oak has several years of undecomposed leaves under it.

Degradable balloons are NOT the solution.


Balloons Blow! Don't let them go!
# Posted By | 8/25/16 4:53 PM

How about releasing real butterflies?
# Posted By | 8/27/16 2:49 PM

Helium is becoming rarer and is needed for other things like med tests so depleting for balloons that then endanger and sometimes kill animals makes moo sense. Stop please.
# Posted By red | 8/28/16 11:27 AM

I know releasing real butterflies sounds like a good alternative to balloon releasing, but it can have it's own ecological impacts. Especially non-native butterflies, when released can wreak havoc on native ecosystems.
# Posted By | 8/29/16 11:00 AM

I wish there were more awareness of the balloon releasing consequences.
Can you imagine hospitals and medical facilities releasing balloons?
Let them know through hospital assoc.
# Posted By Karenin Western Mass | 9/7/16 4:19 PM


I live in San Francisco, CA and our Zoo is right at the beach. One day I took a walk along Fort Funston beach and saw the most miserable sight: a balloon grave yard of mostly deflated, some barely floating balloons littering the beach. there had to be at least 20. A place where balloons from the zoo went to die. Not only was it sad but also telling the impact that released balloons have on the environment. Living on a Peninsula, eventually everything ends up on our water. I say ban balloons entirely. I'll never buy them again and always will point out the threat that balloons are to our environment and wildlife when seeing them used in celebrations. This is a topic that needs a wider audience and more activism.
# Posted By polynesian_metal | 9/8/16 1:56 AM

I've been to events where butterflies were released. Don't know what's involved, but if there's enough time to plan ahead, that's an environmentally safe alternative! I didn't read every single comment, so this may already have been suggested.
# Posted By | 9/10/16 10:53 AM

Just horrible. I did not know releasing balloons in the air hurt animals birds and strangled them. I am so so sorry. I agree. Don't release the hot air balloons. Please. Ban them please.
# Posted By | 9/11/16 10:23 PM
# Posted By | 10/11/16 6:40 PM

Plastic in general is choking the planet..and we all just watch it happen ??
# Posted By Matt | 12/21/16 11:34 PM

This is so sad.. I have always been against releasing even one balloon, especial multiple releaseing.
# Posted By Ernie Wilson, Sr. | 1/8/17 10:10 PM

LOL....I hate to laugh, but oak leaves in the yard take quite a while to decompose...and during that time, especially if 'your environmentally friendly balloon' ends up in a waterway....it will be available long enough to kill something. There are NO safe balloons. period.
# Posted By For all creatures | 1/18/17 12:10 PM

# Posted By | 2/13/17 10:42 AM

this is ridiculous
# Posted By Mary pope osborne | 2/13/17 11:51 AM

Dats so bad
# Posted By | 2/17/17 9:46 AM

it is so sad how animals die because of stupid balloons and helium balloons!!!!
# Posted By im looking for information on how balloons can hur | 2/23/17 2:56 PM

it is very unfortunate .....
# Posted By http://www.bloompedia.com | 3/3/17 5:38 AM

It is sad to see the animals die because of are carelessness it is just sad
# Posted By | 3/9/17 1:17 PM

people are stupid for releasing balloons
# Posted By | 3/9/17 1:19 PM

Crêpe papertoilet roll stands and a one inch wax ball and wick. They'll rise and show color and get oouus and ahhhs.
# Posted By patr70_07 | 3/19/17 8:41 AM

OMG Im gonna cry!!!:(
# Posted By | 4/26/17 7:54 AM

I see this happening so often on t.v., (city areas,etc.). I live in a rural area...what go's up must come down. It baffles me that this is ongoing. How do we come up with a way to grieve those we have lost without balloons? They do too much damage. If anyone reads and can offer advice on how to open eyes and hearts, I need knowledge on whom/where to reach out.
# Posted By HillsK | 5/15/17 6:51 PM

Hey guys
# Posted By Bob | 5/19/17 12:38 PM

Why. Just dont realease them plz
# Posted By J_F | 5/19/17 4:37 PM

I see this as having religious significance. Releasing balloons to go up to the heavens. Well folks, they don't reach heather heavens. They wind up littering and killing wildlife. I've seen the Wish lanterns but don't know what happens to them when they come down. We have to find an alternative.
# Posted By | 5/23/17 10:37 AM

# Posted By Falcon | 5/23/17 1:06 PM

Please stop letting the balloons go. It's a bad idea.
# Posted By Mike Garman | 6/17/17 5:03 PM

At our last high school reunion, alumni were given biodegradable bookmarks with flower seeds in them. They were given to recognize those alumni who have gone on before us. Alumni were able to take them home to plant.
# Posted By | 6/25/17 1:50 PM

Who has jurisdiction on the this matter; for instance, let's say Indianapolis Motorspeedway has an event where balloons are released. Is it the local PD's responsibility to be there and say "Oh, no you don't" or is it the Feds responsibility? Really...does anyone with a badge even have the courage to take on this issue? Not an easy one considering the heavy wallets and political connections at national events.
# Posted By Whispers in the Wind | 6/28/17 2:55 PM

# Posted By CAPT. KEN | 7/6/17 10:21 AM

I concur with Capt. Ken that balloons should be disolveable when wet. Simple.
# Posted By EmmettLBrown | 7/19/17 1:48 PM

Can I please add on behalf of the balloon community that we also are trying to do the best we possibly can to stop balloon releases, but could you also note that the problem in these pictures, mostly, is the string, not the balloon. If I have a client wanting a balloon release, what do I do, say no? They will only go to somebody less scrupulous than I. I point out the environmental impact of a balloon release and most times, they go in a different direction. If they still want to go ahead, then I will do it, as I will use either no ribbon at all, or raffia (paper) ribbon, and VERY short, and DEFINITELY not foil balloons! As an industry, this is the way we are trying to go, as we do not, obviously, want balloons banned. Education is key, not banning them altogether as this only puts people against you, as generally people do not want balloons banned. WE AGREE WITH YOU, we don't want this happening!
# Posted By Alison Galley | 8/14/17 11:43 AM

Its stupid not to release baloons.
# Posted By Bill Muray | 10/10/17 2:11 PM

I would like more info on what damage mylar balloons can do. I am trying to convince someone who thinks they are safe, not to release mylar balloons.
# Posted By Leda Beth Gray | 10/13/17 8:00 AM

Those of you saying to just release without strings need to see the Balloons Blow website pictures. A balloon floats to a high altitude where it bursts. The burst pattern makes it look like a jellyfish, that now comes down, ends up washed into the ocean, and swallowed by predators like dolphins, sea turtles, etc. Who then have foreign bodies in their stomach that will cause slow starvation and eventually death. Don't congratulate yourselves for releasing flying trash, strings or not.
# Posted By Sandi | 10/16/17 2:43 PM

Most balloons if disposed of properly are completely harmless... just gonna... throoow that out there... yeaaaa
# Posted By Normies are dum | 10/30/17 1:19 PM

I think it should be outlawed it's a form of littering!! Last time I checked littering was against the law in all 50 states!!
# Posted By Rhiannon Starkey | 2/17/18 2:12 AM

Good Lord, what do you want to control next
# Posted By Miss Priss | 2/21/18 6:20 PM

biodegradable - tissue paper - no strings - none make any difference since it's not edible for our wildlife.
# Posted By | 2/23/18 11:26 PM

Release butterflies or something else that flies preying mantis, ladybugs or release something into to ocean buy a bunch of lobsters from the store or restarant and set them free in their proper habitat. Lots of other things to release in memory of....
# Posted By Deb | 3/5/18 9:41 PM

donde esta la lehe
# Posted By hi | 4/2/18 4:49 PM

I HATE BALLOONS> ALL OF THESE INNOCENT ANIMALS DIE BECAUSE OF DUMB PEOPLE WHO RELEASE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
# Posted By | 4/20/18 12:38 PM

We release butterflies at a suicide prevention walk I organize. I researched and researched and as long as you get a species is found in your region, release during migratory months and make sure the temperature is good, it is a wonderful and moving alternative since butterflies are a sign of hope.
# Posted By | 5/29/18 5:23 PM

I would love to see US F&W Service take a stance and get a law passed that forbids the release of any balloons. Even then it will still happen, but perhaps not in mass amounts as they currently are. Some may actually follow the law.
# Posted By Turtle Rescue of Long Island | 5/30/18 6:47 AM

# Posted By Commonfella | 6/13/18 1:32 PM

As a balloon artist, I must say that both sides misrepresent facts. Balloonsblow and similar movements use anecdotal evidence to make it seem like all balloons are a problem, while certain latex industry fueled sites try to mitigate the impact by comparing the amount of balloon litter to the amount of plastic litter.

Balloons are biodegradable. They do break down. It will take between six months and four years under standard conditions, depending on the thickness of the latex. That's not fast, nor is it slow. Most of the problem balloons come from releases (which artists like me generally oppose), or careless parents and children (which only education helps, and the industry has pushed hard for that to their credit).

The answer is never simple, but it involves people being taught what things are made of and how to properly dispose of those materials. Use string instead of ribbon, deflate and cut up balloons and throw them in the trash, and don't release them into the wild.
# Posted By Steven | 6/18/18 11:52 AM

I'm trying to get a message to Facebook to stop all the floating balloon images they use. Facebook is glamorizing the releasing of balloons and they need to stop. If anyone has an idea of how to do this, please help me.
# Posted By Lisa | 6/28/18 7:06 PM

How about balloons made from material that begins to degradate after exposure to air after an hour or so. It would have to withstand the pressure of at least 1.001 atmospheres at sea level. That and no string or ribbion and you have a “friendly” balloon.
# Posted By Doug | 6/30/18 8:25 PM

I have long believed balloon releasing must be illegal. It litters, period. I live/hike in the desert. I've found thousands of them, some with dates to the 1990's in good shape. Plant trees to celebrate. This blog is 3 years old. What progress has been made? Petitions to get on the ballot to outlaw this practice?
# Posted By Karyn | 7/3/18 5:21 PM

Would you please explain the fallacy of "biodegradable" balloons.
# Posted By K | 7/21/18 7:50 PM

Check out facebook - blooms baloon roudup... picking up, counting, and disposing of balloons found in the ocean... 3 weeks and over 600 balloons collected by a handful of boats...
# Posted By Vince | 7/23/18 1:52 PM

We need to stop doing hurtful things to all animals worldwide I sign every petition that I can to help endangered species and animal abuse
# Posted By | 7/31/18 10:21 PM

Urgh tree huggers.....so we should also stop driving cars too? Because that hurts the environment! Get. A. Life.
# Posted By Grow a pair | 8/20/18 8:08 PM

I’ve read a few comments about what we should release, how just releasing raw emotions jump up and down scream and shout. Have fun and enjoy your own energy. No need to switch to confetti or something else that will no doubt cause another environmental problem
# Posted By Crazygery | 8/27/18 11:56 AM

I wish the USFWS would make a statement to the University of Nebraska about their releasing over 3000 balloons at their football games. They have been made aware of the dangers these balloon releases are to wildlife, not to mention it is a mass littering event yet they continue this shameful practice.
# Posted By LizH | 9/15/18 9:11 PM

Make this illegal. Also releasing candles in the air should be illegal. They can cause fires.
# Posted By | 9/18/18 7:24 PM

Who knows a celebrity that can get this and also releasing candles into the air. It seems as if it might be the only way to ban these acts of stupidity.
# Posted By | 9/18/18 7:46 PM

# Posted By | 10/3/18 12:56 PM

candles in the air is stupid thats a bad idea the wax can get everywhere smh
# Posted By | 10/9/18 1:48 PM

balloons should not be let in they air because wild life could get hurt
# Posted By | 10/15/18 8:39 AM

The bird got hung by a balloon ;-;
# Posted By | 11/1/18 10:50 AM

I am a middle school science teacher. My students are working on a project about the harm ballooons can cause to wildlife, the environment, and power lines.
We would like to get permission to use the photo of the bird hanging by balloon ribbons from the power lines that is found at the beginning of this article for a digital poster detailing examples of this harm.
Is there a way to get approval to do this?
Any help would be appreciated.
# Posted By Gary Pinkall | 11/29/18 9:11 PM

hi Gary, Please use the photo -- all USFWS photos are public domain. It would be great if you can credit Photo: Pamela Denmon, USFWS.
# Posted By Fish and Wildlife Service | 12/6/18 2:55 PM

My comment is in reference to a post from someone.
Who said it's the string that's the issue. Not quite, the animals are eating the garbage (plastic, string, fish hooks, wire, balloons. The balloon s wrap around their organs or block areas which causes them to die. So it's everything.
# Posted By Joan | 3/9/19 1:24 AM

Ban the releasing of balloons altogether. Hugh fine if you geg caught and have to do community service time at a wild life center where they have to care for injured animals or clean their cages.
# Posted By Faye Spivey | 3/16/19 3:45 PM

There are already safe balloons. Many people think that all monomers, polymers, and like materials are all synthetic and all long degrade times, this is false.

I've seen comments indicating that biodegradable balloons still take a long time to degrade, that is not true of all types and is a misunderstanding of what is important for the environment, which is that objects finding themselves in areas of wildlife important to the human ecosystem either be (2)usable by the wildlife or (2)degrade quickly to a biodegradable that breaks apart easily or(3) biodegradable itself and degrade in an acceptable time.

(2) are the only balloons I've seen that are as cheap as normal material balloons.

This type of litter is only not enforced on parks("forests")next to cities, not in the bulk of nature, where liability scare people more than a crime because most is private property.

This is only a problem for people living in cities, it's unsightly, so might as well tax cities for these balloon emissions.
# Posted By Ejis | 3/23/19 1:22 PM

Litter is litter... if I find I floating in the ocean or blowing across my property its litter and should not be there... period... I could care less if its degradable... its litter!
# Posted By Vincec | 3/25/19 12:58 PM

I am involved in many balloon releases. But I cannot find any study that lays out the truth on this. All I see are environmental zealots and biased websites. Does anyone know of an independent study or report done by a reputable neutral entity? If so please share.
# Posted By I want to understand | 4/26/19 10:50 PM

Balloons the number 1 marine debris risk of mortality for seabirds
March 2019
“A new study has found that balloons are the highest-risk plastic debris item for seabirds — 32 times more likely to kill than ingesting hard plastics. Researchers looked at the cause of death of 1733 seabirds from 51 species and found that one in three of the birds had ingested marine debris.”
# Posted By | 5/21/19 9:24 PM

why can balloons cause so much damage? only 1 balloon can damage the inviorement, so don't realse balloons.
# Posted By nobody | 5/22/19 1:40 PM

Here is reputable article with statistics on why balloons blow.
# Posted By judy perrenoud | 5/22/19 3:22 PM

Re; justwanttounderstand
Here is your study from reputable non biased entity.
# Posted By judy perrenoud | 5/22/19 3:35 PM

Im sorry, but as long as they sell helium ballons, i will release them
# Posted By | 5/28/19 2:22 PM

Funny but I'm not surprised by that comment. Saddened yes, but not shocked.
Not everyone is going to care about defenseless animals or kids who need a ventilator or making sure a cancerous substance is transported safely in an air tight container. It is obvious that the companies that sell these balloons do not care about it so you can just close your eyes and pretend your not hurting anything either.

# Posted By judy perrenoud | 5/31/19 5:24 AM

Release DOVES! If you have to release anything, release DOVES. Doves are beautiful and can represent anything. I so wish balloons couldn't be released. Balloons KILL WILDLIFE. Do you want to be responsible for wildlife SUFFERING? It kills wildlife. Balloons have NO PLACE in the environment. Your pets; dogs or cats could eat the balloon also or get Tangled in it. How would you feel if it was your animal.
# Posted By Shirley Sweatt | 6/7/19 1:10 PM

Maybe a song and a prayer?
# Posted By Sue Munford | 6/9/19 1:15 AM

I do it when someone dies I know it is so sad but I am sorry I did not it hurt animals
# Posted By Week | 1/6/20 11:14 AM

many animals, such as Birds, turtles and other animals commonly mistake balloons and plastic ribbon and plastic balloon holder for food, which can harm or even kill them.
what can i do ?
we designed paper ribbon and paper balloon sticks& paper cups.
it can be degradable soon by nature.
Even if eaten by animals, it will not have any effect.
for more details , you can visit our website www.balloonaccessory.com
or contact thomas@balloonaccessory.com
# Posted By Don't use plastic ribbon and plastic balloon holde | 1/8/20 12:14 AM

i am researching about this problem this is horrible!!!!!
# Posted By | 1/31/20 9:26 AM

If they have dissolvable sutures, someone should make string that is dissolvable. That way the string starts dissovling when hit by moisture.
If I knew how, I would design.
Lots of people, schools etc releases balloons.
The only way you are going to change this is...
Dissolvable string or
Law with realeasing bunched balloons. Only single realease
# Posted By Dee | 3/4/20 9:52 PM

If they have dissolvable sutures, someone should make string that is dissolvable. That way the string starts dissovling when hit by moisture.
If I knew how, I would design.
Lots of people, schools etc releases balloons.
The only way you are going to change this is...
Dissolvable string or
Law with realeasing bunched balloons. Only single realease
# Posted By Dee | 3/4/20 9:53 PM

My friends just lost their 2 year old trotting filly to a Mylar balloon accident. The balloon came down in the field of horses - horses are playful and were playing with the balloon. The balloon wrapped around the fillies head temporarily blinding the filly. This scared her and she started running and ran straight into a fence post breaking her neck. These balloons should be outlawed.
# Posted By Jo | 6/21/20 1:50 PM

Please don't do this. Help them to survive, It could be good for human life if they can live. Make this world better for all.
Thanks from.. http://reviewsforaquarium.com
# Posted By K M | 8/28/20 4:23 AM
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