There are several walking trails available for participants while attending training of varying lengths throughout the campus. NCTC's walking trail guide, color-coded by trail and length is available at the Front Desk.

  • Campfire Trail

The Campfire Trail is a short, paved trail that spans between the Instructional West Primary Trail and the Instructional West Secondary Trail to provide access to the Campfire, located on the southern side of the Lemon Building.

  • Elm Grove Observation Trail

Elm Grove Overlook is out the front door of the Entry/Auditorium building, up the mowed path to the right/west of the building. In addition to a broad view of the campus and eagles nest, there are several varieties of native elm trees and memorial benches. This Nature Conservancy memorial honors the late Mark Benedict (1952 - 2006) an esteemed Conservancy employee who served at NCTC.

  • Nest Box Path

Nest Box Path is a .40 mile loop with the trail head located just across the street from the Murie Lodge. The far portion of the loop connects with Terrapin Neck Trail. This trail offers a variety of bird nesting boxes and habitat.

  • River Path Trail

River Path is .30 miles in length, depicted in red on the trail guide, and runs behind the instructional and laboratory buildings. River Path has an optional cut-off path that runs downhill to the Potomac River’s edge allowing walkers access for wheelchair and viewing along the river.

  • Riverview Farm Trail

River View Farm Trail is 1 mile long and located on the western edge of the property and depicted in dark blue on the trail guide. This lasso-shaped trail starts on the gravel road to the barn. River View Farm Trail is a combination of forested areas and rolling hills.

  • Terrapin Neck Trail

Terrapin Neck Trail is 1.60 miles and depicted in green on the trail guide. It is the longest NCTC trail and runs south from the Tulip Poplar loop down past the Support Services building and across the street below the Guard Station. It then cuts back north near the eagle nesting area, crosses Baird Drive, runs past Elm Grove Overlook and ends near the ADA parking in front of the Entry/Auditorium building.

  • Tulip Poplar Way

Tulip Poplar Way is .60 miles of the most level and popular trail at NCTC. It is covered in light brown gravel for easier and cleaner walking or jogging. The trail is depicted in purple on the trail guide. The trail head is accessed on the left-rear side of East Pond located on the east side of the Physical Training building.

  • Twin Leaf Trail

Twin Leaf Trail is .40 miles in length and depicted in yellow on the trail guide. One end starts at the Commons building side of the bridge. It runs under the bridge down to the Potomac River and behind the Commons and Physical Training buildings. Walkers can also access the end of this trail from the side of east pond, located on the east side of the Central Plant building.