New Jersey Field Office No Effect Letter

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New Jersey Field Office No Effect Letter

Documentation of circumstances under which Federal action agencies may conclude consultation with a "no effect" determination. In such cases, Service review and concurrence is not required and is not available from the New Jersey Field Office. 

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Ross Conover, New Jersey Field Office
Assistant Supervisor
Endangered Species,
Conservation Planning Assistance
at-risk pollinators (frosted elfin, eastern arogos skipper, monarch butterfly),
golden-winged warbler,
bald eagle,
sea turtles
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New Jersey Pinelands
The New Jersey Field Office protects endangered species, supports federal planning, mitigates environmental contamination, and partners with landowners to restore wildlife habitats. We work with others across New Jersey to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats...
A rocky shoreline of a river. The water is calm. Mist and green branches line the river.
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