Georeferenced Trail Map of Long Meadow Lake and Black Dog Units, Minnesota Valley NWR

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MNVNWR Long Meadow Lake and Black Dog Lake

Trails located east Bloomington and Burnsville, Minnesota at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Download this map and the Avenza Maps app to navigate your location on the refuge without internet or network connection. Steps to set up on your mobile device:

  1. Be connected to the internet on your mobile device
  2. Download the free Avenza Maps app available on iOS or Android devices
  3. Download the georeferenced trail map, PDF below
  4. Add map to Avenza Maps app
Adding Maps to Android
  1. Open Avenza Maps on mobile device
  2. Tap the add button (orange circle with plus sign)
  3. Tap “Download or import a map”
  4. Tap “From device”
  5. Navigate to the recently downloaded map
  6. The map will then open in Avenza Maps
Adding Maps to Apple iOS
  1. Open the map on device
  2. Tap the upload button (square with upward arrow)
  3. In the list of app icons, scroll to Avenza Maps or to the “More” on the far right and choose Avenza Maps
  4. The map will show up as available in Avenza Maps


Note: The free version is limited to having three maps downloaded to the app at any one time.

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