Final Habitat Management Plan - Parker River NWR & Thacher Island NWR

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Image of egret in salt marsh

This Habitat Management Plan (HMP) provides a long-term vision and specific guidance on managing
priority species, habitats, and ecosystems at Parker River and Thacher Island National Wildlife Refuges
(NWRs). This is accomplished by determining the refuges’ priorities, setting goals and objectives for
sustaining habitats and natural processes, and determining appropriate management strategies needed
to achieve the refuges’ desired conditions. The contributions of these refuges to ecosystem and
landscape scale wildlife and biodiversity conservation are incorporated into this HMP.

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A woman, with her back to the camera, surveys an enormous green expanse of marsh. Small hills and a cluster of trees are visible on the horizon.
Located along the northeast coast of Massachusetts in an area of dense and expanding human development, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge has special significance and value to migratory birds, other wildlife, and people. The refuge also provides high-quality opportunities for nature-based...
A scenic view of grassy hills and a white lighthouse on the coast of Thacher Island, with the ocean in the background
Welcome to the Thacher Island National Wildlife Refuge, where coastal habitat is actively protected and managed for migratory birds. Its location within the Atlantic Flyway, means the refuge provides an important resting, feeding, and nesting habitat for many species of songbirds and shorebirds....
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