Coastal Barrier Resources System Hurricane Sandy Remapping Project Fact Sheet

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in April 2022, published its Report to Congress: John H. Chafee Coastal Barrier Resources System Hurricane Sandy Remapping Project, which includes a set of final recommended maps for 438 Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) units in 9 northeastern states. The report was prepared in accordance with section 4 of the 2006 Coastal Barrier Resources Reauthorization Act and section 3 of the Strengthening Coastal Communities Act of 2018. These documents provide additional information about the project and its results.

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We administer the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA), which encourages the conservation of storm-prone and dynamic coastal barriers by withdrawing the availability of federal funding and financial assistance within a designated set of units known as the Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS)....