BNWR 2021-22 Waterfowl Survey

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BNWR 2021-22 Waterfowl Survey

Table of weekly waterfowl surveys at Blackwater NWR for the fall/winter of 2021/22. A big thanks to our survey volunteers Ron Ketter and Steve Funderburk for conducting and compiling these surveys.

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Ron Ketter
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View of tidal marsh and pine trees at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) was established in 1933 as a waterfowl sanctuary for birds migrating along the Atlantic Flyway.
A bright blue sky obstructed by fluffy white clouds reflected off of a stream shot from inside a kayak
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages an unparalleled network of public lands and waters called the National Wildlife Refuge System. With more than 560 refuges spanning the country, this system protects iconic species and provides some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities on Earth.
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