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This library of documents serves as the Marathon Pipe Line LLC Knightsville Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Administrative Record Index.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is in the process of updating webpages, so some content that was previously available is temporarily unavailable.  For a copy of documents with an asterisk (*), please contact Dan Sparks.

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I. Reference Library (Laws, Regulations, and Literature)



II. Trustee Coordination and Management

Coordination Among Trustees (§ 990.14(a))

  • Memorandum of Understanding Between the Natural Resource Co-Trustees for the State of Indiana and the Natural Resource Trustee Representatives for Region 3 United States Fish and Wildlife Service (August 2, 1993)*
  • Department of Interior Designation of Authorized Official (April 30, 2019)*

Trustee Coordination with Response Activities (§ 990.14(b))

  • IDEM Daily Report (April 4, 2019)*

Trustee Coordination with Responsible Parties (§ 990.14(c))

  • Letter of Invitation (April 14, 2020)*

III. Pre-assessment Phase (§§ 990.40 – 990.45)

Determination of Jurisdiction (§ 990.41)

  • Notice of Intent to Conduct Restoration Planning ( § 990.44) and Determination of Jurisdiction (§990.41)*

Data Collection (§ 990.43)

  • Preassessment Report (§990.43)*

  • Analytical Control Facility Report 1 (§990.43)*

  • Analytical Control Facility Report 2 (§990.43)*

Notice of Intent to Conduct Restoration Planning (§ 990.44)

IV. Restoration Planning

V. Settlement Agreement

  • Settlement Agreement Among the United States Department of the Interior, the State of Indiana, and Marathon Pipe Line LLC (2020)*

VI. Public Outreach and Involvement (§990.14(d))

VII. Restoration Implementation