Yukon River Salmon Agreement

This international agreement between the United States and Canada details a cooperative approach to conserving salmon stocks originating in the Yukon River in Canada. The agreement is included as an annex of the Pacific Salmon Treaty, but is separate because it sets out a distinct regime for Yukon River salmon, while adhering to the broad science-based management principles of the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Key elements of the agreement include the formation of the binational Yukon River Panel and Yukon River Joint Technical Committee, abundance-based harvest sharing for upper Yukon chinook and chum salmon, and the Yukon Restoration and Enhancement Fund. Additionally, this agreement provides direction for coordinated management, rebuilding plans, habitat protection, restoration and enhancement. Under the agreement, harvest sharing of salmon stocks will be managed according to the principles of precautionary abundance-based management. Both sides will manage their fisheries to ensure enough fish are available to meet escapement requirements and, whenever possible, to provide for subsistence and commercial harvests.

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