Careers in International Affairs at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The United States has a long-standing commitment to assist other nations in the conservation of wildlife species, both those that share or cross United States’ borders and those whose range is on foreign soil. These obligations are contained in numerous treaties, laws, agreements, and cooperative programs with other nations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is recognized as a worldwide leader in wildlife management and conservation. Its expertise in refuges, fisheries, endangered species management, enforcement and technology puts the Service in a unique position to influence and shape the outcome of wildlife conservation in other countries. Many of the species that the Service is placed to protect depend as much on the habitat conditions in foreign countries as the conditions in the United States. To conserve these migratory species and their habitat, the Service thinks and acts internationally.

The mission of International Affairs is to conserve living resources around the world by building the capacity of local partners, and effectively implementing conservation laws and treaties, through collaboration, cultural sensitivity, and principles of scientific integrity. To accomplish this mission, International Affairs employs a diverse workforce that works globally on matters of conservation policy, technical assistance, and education to protect these living resources.

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