Experienced Services Program

The Service’s Experienced Services Program (ESP) provides opportunities for Americans who are aged 55 or over to share their skills, experience, and expertise in exchange for a fair wage when they apply for and are selected to serve in temporary roles that support a wide variety of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service projects.

ESP enrollees serve as:

  • Science Professionals: biologists, geologists, pathologists, and hydrologists
  • Other Professionals: pilots, policy advisors, and engineers
  • Technical Support: pest control specialists, grant specialists, real estate specialists, technical writer-editors, and researchers
  • Clerical Support: executive assistants, typists, records managers, accountants, and general administrative support staff
  • Public Outreach and Service: event coordinators, public affairs specialists, park rangers, visitor services specialists, fee collectors, and interpreters
  • Facilities and Grounds Support: heavy equipment operator and facilities support specialists.

To learn more about the program and to apply for an enrollee position, visit our administrative partners: