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Earth Day 2021

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How do you pledge to help wildlife or connect with nature this Earth Day? Share your wildlife pledge with us by tagging or direct messaging @USFWS and join the conversation!  

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and learn ways you can engage to make a better planet for fish, wildlife, their habitats and people.

Since 1970, Earth Day has been observed around the globe each spring as a day to raise environmental awareness and involve citizens and communities in creating a cleaner, healthier world. Earth Day inspired the passage of the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act that today still play significant roles in protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Earth Day reveals a vulnerable planet and a need to protect and restore wildlife and habitat, respond to climate change, focus on equity and environmental justice and strengthen Tribal relations. These actions and more can be anything taken to improve our world.

We offer ideas from our programs and partners to help the planet and ourselves thrive. Earth Day reminds us that we all can take steps to help protect the environment, which touches the human spirit and contributes to human health and well-being.

Our Earth Day web pages feature eco tips, podcasts and resources. You will find a host of fun and meaningful virtual activities from national wildlife refuges, fish hatcheries, ecological services field stations and partners. We can use this solitary time to reassess our current habits and develop new ones that are better for the planet while social distancing.

There is plenty you can do at home. On our Earth Day pages, you will find a range of easy to do activities. Contact your friends and family and discuss what you find – and then tell us! Check out our 20 eco tips for easy ways you can protect our planet.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors all day. You can take time to get outdoors and take a walk around the block, explore new trails or go for a bike ride. Many nearby national wildlife refuges, greenspaces or areas in your local neighborhood allow you to connect with nature while keeping a safe distance from others. 

Earth Day remains a day to honor our planet and build a healthy environment for future generations.



Renew your environmental spirit
and improve your health. Tune in
and listen to nature around you.
Create memories with your families and loved ones.
Self-care is Earth-care.