About Us

Since 1931, the hatchery has served the needs of American people in the region. From helping rural families stock their farm ponds during the Great Depression to restoring endangered species today the work of conserving the nation's aquacultural resources continues here at the Natchitoches National Fish Hatchery.

Our Mission

We work with our partners and engage the public, using a science-based approach, to conserve, restore and enhance fish and other aquatic resources for the continuing benefit of the American people.

As reflected in this mission statement, conservation is at the forefront of the reason we exist. From the very beginning of the Fish and Wildlife Service, this responsibility has been preeminent. In fact, our very first assignment was “…to ascertain whether any and what diminution in the number of food fishes of the coast and inland lakes has occurred.” We also are acutely aware of the need to involve stakeholders and partners in our mission if we are going to succeed. And, perhaps most important, we recognize that we do this work for the American people–both the present generation who benefit today and future generations to whom we will pass the legacy of conserving America’s aquatic resources.