Projects and Research

National Fish Hatcheries raise fish and other aquatic species to help restore and sustain important wildlife populations for the benefit of the American people. Salmon play very important roles in our rivers and oceans by providing essential food for other fish, birds, and mammals, and transporting nutrients from oceans to freshwater rivers and streams. With declining fish populations becoming prevalent across the northwest, fish hatchery operations are more important than ever.

Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery works with partners to find innovative solutions to problems like water use. Salmon and other wild fish must have clean, cool water. So must hatcheries. Water is also in high demand for irrigation, businesses, and homes in our growing communities. We look for ways to reduce our impact, like updating equipment and facilities to run more efficiently, or switching to recirculating aquaculture systems. Learn more about our pilot partial re-use aquaculture system (pRAS) via video.

Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery is testing a partial re-use aquaculture system for spring Chinook salmon, the first of its kind.