Jordan River National Fish Hatchery was founded in 1965. The hatchery currently raises cisco, lake trout and rainbow trout that total 3 million fish per year for conservation efforts in and around the Great Lakes. This is accomplished with federal, provincial, state and tribal partners.

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Jordan River National Fish Hatchery is a four season destination with a variety of things to see and do throughout the year. The hatchery produces more than 3 million fish annually and visitors can see fish from the egg stage to adult. During warm weather months the hatchery is a great place to spend a few hours observing millions of fingerling trout, take time for a picnic or hike the miles of trails on and around the facility. Fall and winter months are picturesque in the Jordan River valley and are a great time for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy our area.

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      Jordan River National Fish Hatchery currently raises three species of fish. Lake trout and cisco total 3 million fingerling a year for restoration efforts in the Great Lakes. The hatchery also raises rainbow trout for outreach opportunities across the state.