What We Do

Genoa National Fish Hatchery is a multi-species conservation hatchery that values and supports responsible outdoor recreation. The station also fills a role in training the next generation of conservation stewards that will preserve our nation’s water resources, aquatic resources and their habitats.

Tribal Trust Responsibilities

Genoa National Fish Hatchery assists numerous midwestern tribes in meeting their fishery management goals by providing seven different species of fish to tribal fishery biologists. Genoa National Fish Hatchery helps tribes restore native species, manage fish and mussel populations and provide recreational fishing opportunities. We are committed to meeting federal tribal trust responsibilities by assisting the tribes in meeting measurable fishery management objectives.

Laws and Regulations

The hatchery is a working farm with a living product. Public use and aquatic species propagation can coexist. Visitors must keep hands and other objects out of the water. When you visit, keep dogs leashed and be sure to clean up after them. Please note that there is no hunting or public fishing outside of special events on hatchery grounds.

  • Dogs must be on a leash and cleaned up after
  • No public fishing is allowed on station unless during a Service sanctioned event
  • No hands or any other objects can be placed in or on water due to strict biosecurity protocols
  • No drones are allowed on hatchery grounds
  • No hunting is sanctioned on the hatchery due to concerns of the proximity of culture buildings and safety of the staff