Genoa National Fish Hatchery was authorized under the Upper Mississippi Wildlife and Fish Act of 1924. Over the years, our focus has changed to focus on recovering federally endangered aquatic species such as freshwater mussels, restoring threatened fish species such as lake sturgeon and providing conservation and fisheries support to tribal and state conservation agencies.

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The hatchery provides a great stop along one of the nation’s greatest scenic highways. Its mission and the visitor center highlight the past and present uses of the Mississippi River, its people and fish and wildlife resources.

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      Genoa National Fish Hatchery rears a variety of native fish, freshwater mussels and even endangered dragonflies! A few notable fish species include lake sturgeon, lake trout and coaster brook trout. We also raise Higgins eye pearly mussels and channel catfish to assist with winged mapleleaf mussel recovery. In addition to these fish and freshwater mussels, we rear the endangered Hine's emerald dragonfly.