In August 2016, the Cronin Aquatic Resource Center was reopened after closing its doors in 2014. The hatchery has been renovated into a research facility that is focused on augmenting endangered freshwater mussel species, as well as floodplain conservation and climate change work. The Richard Cronin Aquatic Resource Center works in collaboration with universities, the United States Geological Survey, state and federal partners to enhance restoration efforts taking place throughout the Connecticut River watershed and other regions in the Northeast.

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      The former Richard Cronin National Salmon Station - now called the Cronin Aquatic Resource Center (CARC) - has a new mission as an aquatic resource center for conservation, discovery, and education. Originally built as a state trout hatchery over 60 years ago, the hatchery had been culturing Atlantic salmon for restoration in the Connecticut River basin since the early 1980s until 2013. Under it's new mission, the CARC is taking special advantage of nearby academic institutions and other partners to foster collaborative studies encompassing a broad range of aquatic issues, such as the restoration of freshwater mussels and their habitats. The Center also places a strong emphasis on developing young professionals, and providing sound science to help protect and restore our natural resources for future generations.


      We offer educational tours of our research facility for high school groups and colleges. Please call to schedule.

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