Jeff Corwin wants you to love turtles - in the wild

The United States is home to the greatest total number of turtle species and subspecies of any single nation! They play a vital role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and habitats.

Law enforcement officials have reported an increase in the trafficking of native turtles in the United States, from common species like the Eastern box turtle to federally listed species like the threatened bog turtle.

Conservationist Jeff Corwin teamed up with the Service and partners to raise awareness about threats to America’s native turtles and tortoises, including illegal collection. Every turtle counts - removing even a single wild turtle can have a negative impact on the entire local population. Since turtle eggs and hatchlings have a low survival rate, most adults must breed for their entire lives to replace themselves in the wild population.

If you believe you may have information related to wildlife crime, please report it directly to our law enforcement officers: 1-844-FWS-TIPS (397-8477) or

Here are ways you can help protect native turtles

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