December & January Artists in Residence

Elizabeth Harrington

My father was an artist so I developed an interest at an early age but never did anything with it until after my children were born. I took painting lessons through the NBPT adult education program for a couple of years and then went on to 3 years of lessons at the MFA. For the past 8 years to the present, I have been studying with Pat Lutz at the Artist Playground in NBPT. I work mainly with acrylic paints and I have done landscapes, still life’s and portraits. My paintings have been exhibited at the NBPT Art Association as well as the Ipswich Cultural Art Association. I love creating art on a canvas and paint from photographs taken from around town or from past trips taken. I also have done plen aire painting which is painting on-site and hope to do more of that in the days ahead. Each time I create a piece of art, I learn something new to build on for the next piece. In that way, art is exciting for me and I am not afraid to stretch myself and tackle a difficult piece which might have seemed impossible a few years ago.

Paul Harrington

I have loved drawing and painting from a young age. Through courses at Wentworth Institute as a young adult I had refined many of my drawing skills. One of the things learned there was the technique of perspective drawing needed when preparing accurate architectural renderings. Understanding the value of formal instruction I enrolled in evening classes at Vesper George School of Art. There leaning the basics of composition, colors, and worked with several media from pencil and charcoal drawing to using watercolor, pastels, oils and collage. I followed up with oil painting workshops at Decordova Museum. Unfortunately my art was put on hold overtaken by other interest until revived in retirement when I took workshops offered by Newburyport Adult Education and classes at NAA and at the Artist Playground with Pat Lutz. I have taken lessons with Bill Cummerford at the MFA to further develop my watercolor and acrylic skills . I have fun working almost daily doing some kind of art if only something using “Procreate” on my iPad.