Reasonable Accommodation Procedures for Disabled Hunters: Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge Complex

I. Definition of “Disabled Hunter”

Disabled Hunter” is defined as a person who has been issued one of the following from the State of Nevada:

  1. A Department of Motor Vehicles Disabled Persons License Plate/Placard
  2. A Department of Motor Vehicles Disabled Veteran License Plate
  3. An Expedited Service Permit
  4. A Severely Disabled Hunting License
  5. A Disabled Veteran Hunting License


*The DMV issues Authorization Letters that contain the name and address of the disabled individual who holds the license plates or placards. You must keep this letter, or a copy, in the vehicle that is displaying disabled plates. You must keep it with you if you are using placards. The person to whom the plates or placards are issued must be present.

**The colored plastic “Disabled Persons Parking Placard” may not be substituted for the required identification which bears the name of the disabled person. Disabled hunters must provide the Authorization Letter for DMV issued disabled license plates.

***Comparable documentation may be used for out of state disabled hunters.

II. Use of disabled accessible waterfowl hunting blind

Use of the disabled accessible waterfowl hunting blind will be “First Come, First Served”. Persons holding a reservation supersede non-reservation users.


If you wish to make a reservation, you may do so by calling the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge Complex office at 775-423-5128 ext. 235, or email Carl Lunderstadt at Reservations will also be made on a “First Come, First Served” basis, but in the event there are multiple requests received at the same time for the same day, a random drawing will be held to determine who gets the reservation.

To receive a reservation, you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, email, and a copy of either the DMV issued Authorization Letter or one of the disabled hunting licenses.

You may only hold one reservation at any one time. After using your reservation, you may make another reservation.

Once processed (normally same day), you will receive a confirmation letter/email for your reservation, and the refuge will post the blind with the date and time of your reservation. You must have the confirmation letter with you as proof of your reservation.

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