New Gulf Sturgeon Short Documentary Film

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Gulf sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus desotoi).

Gentle Giant: The Mystery of the Gulf Sturgeon

Featuring our very own dedicated staff from the Panama City Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office in Florida, the Gentle Giant film highlights decades of Gulf sturgeon conservation.

"Unravel the mystery of the Gulf Sturgeon, often regarded as a living dinosaur but misunderstood because of their large size and secretive nature. There is so much more to this Gentle Giant. According to biologist Dr. Ken Sulak, ‘The Gulf Sturgeon is one of the most docile fishes in all of creation.’

Jennifer Brown, Director & Producer, says, ‘Our film lures everyone in, not just fish enthusiasts, but lovers of Florida’s fascinating wildlife. We hope this never-before-told story about the nature and culture of the Gulf Sturgeon inspires greater respect for sturgeon worldwide.’

Filming an elusive animal inhabiting the vast ecosystem from Florida’s Suwannee, Apalachicola, and Choctawhatchee Rivers to the Gulf of Mexico was challenging. Like all of our films depicting conservation successes, we created this partnership story by collaborating with wonderful people who care about nature in Florida." - Into Nature Films

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