40 Years of Data Highlight Conservation Needs in the Conasauga River

Georgia ESFO Biologist Scott Glassmeyer recently joined forces with the University of Georgia's (UGA) River Basin Center on their annual fish sampling expedition in Georgia's Conasauga River, an ongoing 40-year effort to document changes in imperiled species in the highly diverse system. Surveys documented blue shiner (Threatened, T) and trispot darter (T), but failed to capture the Conasauga logperch (Endangered, E), frecklebelly madtom (T), and amber darter (E), further highlighting the pressing need for conservation efforts. Data from this study will be incorporated into UGA’s long-term monitoring database and will be used to assess uplift from various instream and landscape restoration activities. To learn more about the Conasauga River, see "An Endangered River Worth Saving".

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