Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery Participates in Family Nature Day

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Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery Environmental Education/Outreach Specialists Marsha Hart and Makenzie Foster, along with volunteer Abigail Boggs, traveled to the Russell County Public Library for Family Nature Day.

Wolf Creek NFH staff at Family Nature Day

The event was one in a series of summer programming provided by Russell County Public Library titled “Family Fun Fridays”. These Friday events are to support summer learning for children in the community while school is out of session. With the title “Family Nature Day’ with a nature themed focus planned for July 21, Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery was invited to attend.  The event was open to the community, targeting kids of all ages. Several children attended the event, and enjoyed the activities.

A pollination wheel, with questions to spark interest and learning about pollinators, made for a fun interactive opportunity for the kids. After discussion of pollinators, the children were given a pollinator sticker. Another activity provided named “Parts of a Fish” helped children learn about the main parts of a fish, specifically a trout. Trout tattoos were handed out to go along with the fish activity.

Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery is always ready to help inform and educate the public about nature and environmental issues/topics. Reaching children and helping them foster a love for nature is imperative to having them grow up to be responsible, environmentally aware citizens in a community. Wolf Creek NFH appreciates the opportunity to partner with community members in events such as this.

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