Young Bald Eagle Gets the Zoomies!
Viewers captured the moment when the eaglet fledged from the nest.

This 11-week-old juvenile bald eagle is branching out into the world and is so full of energy that it cannot be contained. In this video, the young eagle flaps and bounces around the nest, even bumping into a proud parent's head at the end. The platform or safety of the nest is not needed anymore. The young and strong eagle is ready to explore the world and face any dangers ahead with this challenge-proof contagious energy. While the journey ahead might be long and difficult, we can see the unflappable determination to succeed.

The strength and determination to leave the nest are such that the eagle caught a nice west wind and got so high above the nest, out of the camera's range. An eaglet attempting to fly! The action was also seen and captured on video from a different angle, from the trails surrounding the tree where the nest is. This time, the eaglet decided to perch on a tree branch. 

Shortly after this action was seen, viewers captured the moment when the eaglet left the nest. This video shows a strong juvenile bald eagle calmly perching on a tree limb while spreading its large and beautiful wings when suddenly, it embraces all the freedom and takes such a steady and graceful flight into the open sky. Leaving behind an empty nest and many proud viewers. 

A biologist stationed at the National Conservation Training Center, where the nest is located, reported that the fledgling took a flight to the river and apparently back. Hence, it officially left the nest and will be fed for 6 weeks or so away from the nest or at/near the nest. After the young eagle leaves the nest, it will spend most of its time near the river.  

This young bald eagle symbolizes strength, courage, and perseverance. A reminder that we can all overcome obstacles if we set our sights on it. Bald eagles never give up.   

This particular bald eagle nest is 20 years old, and the Endangered Species Act that helped this species come back from the brink of extinction turns 50 years old this year! In 1963, the total population of bald eagles was down to 417 nesting pairs. The nation came together to bring back this national symbol. By banning DDT, a chemical that interfered with the ability of the birds to produce strong eggshells, community action, and protections under the ESA, bald eagle populations recovered.   

The young eagle's fledging is a sign of hope for the future and a reminder of the importance of conservation. A reminder that even in the most difficult times, there is always hope.