Nominations for Council positions accepted through May 11, 2023.

The Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Commerce seek nominations for individuals to be considered for membership on the Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council (Council). The Council is a Federal Advisory Committee Act group that advises the Secretaries on aquatic conservation and restoration endeavors in​ ​fresh, estuarine, and marine environments that benefit recreational fishery resources, enhance recreational boating, and encourage partnerships among industry, the public, and government to advance these efforts.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 established that, effective January 2023, the Council is renewed as a non-discretionary committee, advising the Department of the Interior and the Department of Commerce.

Read the 2023 Council charter.

Top priorities for the incoming Council include: 

  • Reviewing and approving the assessment of the National Outreach and Communications Program.

  • Studying the impact of derelict vessels and identifying recyclable solutions for recreational vessels.

  • Reviewing and identifying potential recommendations from the Comptroller General of the United States’ study that documents the impacts of nonmotorized vessels on waterway access points and the use of funding sources to improve access issues and provide nonmotorized boating safety programs. 

The Council may consist of no more than 19 members, including ex officio members. Non-voting ex officio members include:   

  • The Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;

  • The Director of the National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; and

  • The President of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.   

The Secretaries will select the remaining 16 discretionary members from among, but not limited to, the organization/interests listed below. Appointed members must be senior-level representatives of their organizations, must have the ability to represent their designated constituencies, and must be able to commit to two (in-person or virtual) annual meetings and year-round subcommittee work.  

The diverse membership of the Council assures perspectives and expertise reflecting the full breadth of the Council’s responsibilities, and, where possible, the Departments of the Interior and Commerce will also consider the ethnic, racial, and gender diversity and various abilities of the United States population.  

Member interest categories: 

  • State fish and wildlife resource management agencies (two members, one a director of a coastal State, and one a director of an inland State),

  • Saltwater and freshwater recreational fishing organizations,

  • Recreational boating organizations,

  • Recreational fishing and boating industries,

  • Recreational fishery resources conservation organizations,

  • Tribal resource management organizations,

  • Aquatic resource outreach and education organizations, and

  • Recreational fishing and/or boating diversity-based organizations.   

Prospective nominees can find more information on the nomination process in the Federal Register. 

Questions about the Council or application process can be addressed to Tom McCann, USFWS,, 571-329-3206. 

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