Great career opportunity for hands-on work at Ritidian
Apply by April 25, 2023

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (Service) is looking to hire a Maintenance Fellow at the Guam National Wildlife Refuge-Ritidian Unit. This paid fellowship position is contracted for up to one year.

Interested individuals must be U.S. citizens, 17 to 30 years of age (veterans may apply up to age 35), have  a high school diploma/GED certificate, and able to commit between six to 12 months of service. The fellow will receive a weekly living allowance ($650-850/week), monthly housing allowance, and a health insurance option. The fellow may qualify for a permanent position upon successful completion of the fellowship.

The fellow will train under a seasoned professional and gain a variety of disciplines, including project management skills, and an in-depth understanding of standard operating procedures and safety requirements. The fellow will have the opportunity to work with both station maintenance and regional maintenance action teams in the upkeep of real property assets and habitat management. Maintenance operations supports the protection of endangered invertebrates, birds, plants, sea turtles and cultural resources.

“We’re excited to bring someone on to gain technical experience in maintenance operations at the Guam National Wildlife Refuge,” said Toni Mizerek, refuge manager. “This work will support the protection of our natural and cultural resources and provide safe, enjoyable visitor experiences.”

The Maintenance Fellows Program is administered by Mobilize Green in partnership with the Service. Interested individuals may apply for the Maintenance Fellowship at: Call 671-355-5096 or email for any questions.

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