February Artist in Residence

Currently based in the Boston area, Evan Henerberry is an amateur wildlife photographer focusing on capturing moments of natural wonder in traditionally unnatural settings. From growing up in the woods and on the sea shore to a career teaching above, below, and on the water, wildlife and humanity's connection to it has always been a focus of his life. As his career has evolved he has looked for the same dynamic and unusual sightings he saw regularly in the field closer to home. By building on his experience photographing whales for marine mammal research he is developing the skills needed to capture striking wildlife moments and connect people to the vibrant and essential ebbs and flows of life around them.

Artist Statement

I've always been fascinated by interfaces, the places where markedly different things merge and mix and blur into one another. I imagine it first began in the tide pools of my

youth (and present), places of wild, unpredictable change where animals survive even the most punishing conditions. The intersection of human and animal habitat offers similar challenges and opportunities. They are places we build solely for ourselves where animals find every crack and crevice to survive (they are also much easier for a novice like me to track and photograph) and I hope that we can learn from this perseverance to build a future where everyone and everything has their place.

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