Monica Martinez: Faces of the Fish and Wildlife Service

Monica Martinez is a budget technician who joined the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office this year! Learn more about her and what led her to career with the Service in our latest Faces of the Fish and Wildlife Service interview!

Olivia Beitelspacher: Welcome to the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office, Monica! What role do you play within the agency?

Monica Martinez: I am a budget technician with the Administration and Information Division within the office.

 OB: What led you to a career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service?

MM: I loved the team-oriented atmosphere I felt during my interview with the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office. Also, knowing I can help improve the world we live in and the species we share it with captured me. To be able to help spread the word on what we as people can do to make it better for the animals and plants gives a sense of accomplishment like no other.

 OB: I agree, the work we do is so rewarding! Where do you go to school and what are you studying?

MM: I am currently in school for my bachelor’s degree in accounting at American Military University. I have a few classes left until I have my degree, so I’m excited!

OB: You’re so close. Congratulations! Do you have any conservation heroes?

MM: I am actually in the process of reading “Two Far North” by Margaret “Mardy” Murie. She was a naturalist for the Fish and Wildlife, who did her work pro-bono alongside her husband, Olaus Murie.

OB: She sounds like a truly remarkable person. Is there a project from your career that makes you really proud?

MM: Honestly, I’m proud of continuously promoting a positive fun work environment no matter the atmosphere. We cannot control the feelings of other, however, we can control the environment we want to promote.

OB: I love that! We are so lucky to have you on our team. What are your thoughts on the concept that “the outdoors is for everyone”?

MM: I feel people should spend more time outdoors to truly see and enjoy the world we live in, its beauty and the sense of peace it can bring to one’s life. For me, it’s the sound of flowing water, whether it’s a roaring waterfall or light waves washing over the shore.

 OB: I agree, spending time outdoors can be such a beautiful and peaceful experience. How do you spend your free time?

MM: I currently spend it doing schoolwork, going to the gym, and going to the beach to walk the shore when time permits. Once I complete my degree, I want to do more volunteer work with our office and the local community.

OB: Lastly, do you have a hidden talent?

MM: I would say a hidden talent is no matter the situation, I look for the silver lining in everything. There is always a lesson to be learned in every situation whether the situation is negative or positive. A favorite saying of mine is “Water off a duck’s back”.

OB: I respect that! Thank you so much, Monica!