St. Lawrence River Telemetry Study

Biologists from the New York Field Office, Scott Schlueter and Justin Ecret, in a cooperative effort with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, recently deployed over 80 acoustic receivers in the St. Lawrence River. These receivers are the initial step in establishing a multispecies telemetry project throughout the river to inform management and mitigation efforts in areas in the river near large hydroelectric projects, like the Moses-Saunders Power Dam.

This effort facilitates multispecies tagging and movement studies for several Fish Enhancement, Mitigation, and Research Fund (FEMRF) focal species, including walleye, lake sturgeon, and American eel. Information gathered over the next 10 years of this project will be used to implement habitat restoration opportunities in the St. Lawrence River and its tributaries. This project will be registered with the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System allowing information to be shared with other researchers. This work is supported by funding through FEMRF.