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Volunteer Activities for Groups
at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex


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Volunteer Activities for Groups

Do you have a group of people and are looking for a volunteer project? The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex has several opportunities for groups of various ages to volunteer. Potential projects are listed below. If interested in volunteering with your group, please contact the Sacramento NWRC at 530-934-2801 or Please plan to contact the refuge at least 4 weeks of advance to the potential timeframe.

• Plant trees at Sacramento, Colusa, or the Sacramento River NWRs (best time is between NovFeb)
• Remove non-native plants at wildflower restoration sites at Sacramento River, Colusa, or Sacramento NWR (spring/summer)
• Remove habitat restoration irrigation systems at Sacramento River NWR (anytime of year)
• Remove non-native plants at Sacramento NWR along trails (anytime)
• Grow specific flowering plants from seed then plant at Sacramento, Colusa, or Sacramento
River NWR for butterflies (plant at refuge before May) (**Great activity for kids)
• Tree trimming on trails at Sacramento and Sacramento River NWRs (March-August)
• Trash pick-up along refuge boundary roads at Sacramento, Delevan, Colusa, Sutter and
Sacramento River NWRs (anytime)