Joanne Bryant (Ditsuh Taii)

woman wearing a FWS shirt
Tribal Communication and Outreach Specialist

101 12th Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701
United States

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About Joanne Bryant (Ditsuh Taii)

Joanne Bryant (Gwich’in name Ditsuh Taii/"Following Grandma's Path") is the Tribal Communication and Outreach Specialist for External Affairs in Alaska. Her affiliated tribe is Gwich'in Athabascan Indian. Joanne is originally from Arctic Village, which is located about three hundred miles north of Fairbanks and nested in the Brooks Range. She graduated from the University of Alaska in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Joanne worked at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for 16 years and said, “it is the greatest place to work!” In her job with the Refuge, Joanne filled many roles, such as Native liaison, interpreter, and outreach specialist. She is fluent in her language and oftentimes assists with elders' translations. Her current duties include working closely with Alaska Native Tribes on many different issues and projects. Joanne currently resides in Fairbanks with her husband Robert and their four wonderful birds, Lucky, Missy (Bin), Little Lou and Honey. They both love to walk, read, watch movies and travel. Mahsi’ choo!

Listen to Joanne's take on Arctic Grayling on this episode of "Fish of the Week!"

Additional roles
Arctic Youth Ambassadors
Native Youth Climate Adaptation and Leadership Congress
Areas of expertise
Tribal communications, Migratory Bird Calendar

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