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Ivesia webberi is a member of the Rosaceae (rose family). It is a low, spreading, perennial forb up to 9.8 inches (in) (25 centimeters (cm)) across with greenish-gray foliage and dark red, wiry stems (Figure 1). The 2.8 inch long leaves are mostly clustered around the base of the stems, with 8 pairs of leaflets crowded at the tip, and are generally covered with long, silky grayish hairs. The inflorescence is a capitate or subcapitate cyme (i.e., a flat-topped inflorescence in a head-like or head shaped cluster) with 15 flowers per group. Flowers are about 0.4 in (10 millimeters (mm)) across and bright yellow with 5 stamens and petals that are much smaller than the sepals. The whole plant becomes reddish-tinged late in the season. Flowering typically begins in May and extends through June.

Scientific Name

Ivesia webberi
Common Name
Webber's ivesia
FWS Category
Flowering Plants

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