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Ute ladies'-tresses is a perennial herb with erect, glandular-pubescent stems 12-60 cm tall arising from tuberous-thickened roots. Basal leaves are narrowly linear, up to 1 cm wide and 28 cm long, and persist at the time of flowering. Leaves become progressively smaller up the stem and are alternate. The plant has a 3-15 cm long spike of numerous small white or ivory-colored flowers arranged in a gradual spiral. Individual flowers are 7.5-15 mm long and faintly fragrant (with a vanilla-like scent). Fruits of Ute ladies'-tresses are cylindrical capsules with numerous seeds. The species occurs in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Scientific Name

Spiranthes diluvialis
Common Name
Ute lady's tresses
Ute ladies' tresses
Ute ladies'-tresses
diluvium ladies'-tresses
FWS Category
Flowering Plants

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