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Ocmulgee skullcap is a rare herbaceous perennial plant found only in the Savannah River (GA & SC) and Ocmulgee River (GA) watersheds. A member of the mint family, it averages 16-32 inches in height with square, 4-sided stems. The upper stem has two types of hairs – pointed, upwardly curved hairs and longer, straight, knob-tipped hairs. Leaves are up to 3 inches long with rounded teeth and soft hairy lower surfaces.  Flowers are blue-violet and slightly fragrant, and grow to be ¾-1 inch long with a hood-like upper lip and down-curved lower lip. The fruit consists of four tiny nutlets or seeds, enclosed in a small green cup or calyx.

Scientific Name

Scutellaria ocmulgee
Common Name
Ocmulgee skullcap
FWS Category
Flowering Plants

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