Erigeron maguirei

Maguire's Fleabane

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Erigeron maguirei is a member of the sunflower family, and is a perennial herb with a branched woody base. Its stems are decumbent (lying on the ground with the tip ascending) to sprawling or erect. Its basal leaves are spatulate shaped to oblanceolate (the shape of the leaf is longer than it is wide with the broadest portion of the leaf at the tip and narrower at the base). Its leaves and stems are covered with abundant stiff, coarse, white hairs. Its flowers are dime sized with white or pinkish-white petals. Bits of sand commonly cling to the hairs of the leaves and stems. The species is further described in our June 19, 1996, final rule reclassifying the species as threatened (61 FR 31054).

Scientific Name

Erigeron maguirei
Common Name
Maguire's fleabane
Maguire daisy
FWS Category
Flowering Plants

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