Partula radiolata

Guam Tree Snail

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The Guam tree snail (Partula radiolata; akaleha, denden), in the Partulidae family, is endemic to the forest ecosystem of Guam; this species is not found on any other island. The shell of the Guam tree snail is pale straw-colored with darker streaks and brown lines, and has impressed spiral lines. Adult length is 0.5 to 0.7 in (13 to 18.5 mm), width is 0.3 to 0.5 in (8 to 12 mm), with five slightly convex whorls (Pilsbry 1909–1910 in Crampton 1925, p. 35; Smith et al. 2008 in Kerr 2013, p. 10). Juvenile Guam tree snails are sometimes mistakenly identified as Samoana fragilis (Fielder 2014, in litt.). The biology of the Guam tree snail is very similar to that of the humped tree snail (see ‘‘Humped tree snail (Partula gibba),’’ above, for further description). The Guam tree snail prefers the same cool, shaded forest habitat as the humped tree snail.

Scientific Name

Partula radiolata
Common Name
Guam tree snail
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