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Ferruginous Hawks are very large, broad-winged hawks with two distinguished types of plumage referred to as light morphs and dark morphs. Light morph Ferruginous Hawks are distinguishable by their white under parts with intermingled gray or brownish speckling, and a dark brownish V on the underside directly in front of the tail. Dark morphs are distinguishable by their lightly tails and upper and lower primaries. The rest of their bodies are dark brown. Males and females have similar plumage. However, females are slightly larger and tend to have slightly darker coloring on their legs and belly (Bechard and Schmutz 1995).

Life History information provided for the Ferruginous Hawk is summarized from the Birds of North America Online (http://bna.birds.cornell.edu/bna/).

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Scientific Name

Buteo regalis
Common Name
Ferruginous Hawk
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