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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Wind Turbine Location Data

The data sets provided on this page are derived from the FAA’s Obstruction Analysis / Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) data (

Each month, the raw, tabular data is downloaded, complied and modified*, then used to create a series of ArcGIS layer files and feature classes as well as KMZ files (for use in Google Earth). The data modifications include the addition of US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) regions and the grouping of the data by determination and status to reduce the number of categories and making it easier to display using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.

Map of the GIS layers depicting the generalized status categories.
Map of the GIS layers depicting the generalized status categories.

The four generalized* status categories that the data are sorted into include:

  • Determined with Built Date: This included those records which have been returned to the FAA with a Built Date and generally represent completed construction.
  • Determined without Built Date: This includes records that are in some state of construction (and my be completed) but no built date has been returned to the FAA.
  • Determined as Hazard: This includes records that, for one reason or another, have been determined to be a hazard to air navigation and typically are not under construction.
  • Not Yet Determined: This includes records that are earlier in the permitting process and no determination (whether they are a hazard or not) has been made.
  • * The raw Determination and Status data in maintained in the Excel spreadsheet (see downloads below) as well as in the attribute tables of the ArcGIS feature classes and KMZ files.

    Wind turbines in south Texas with GIS overlay
    Wind turbines in south Texas with Determined with Built Date GIS overlay

    The data are avaialable for download in three formats (as zip files):

    1. GIS - The zip file contains a file geodatabase with four feature classes (one for each category) and four corresponding layer files that contain the speific symbology as seen in the map above.

    2. KML - The zip file contains 4 KMZ files for each FWS Region (total of 32 KMZ files). These can be viewed in Google Earth.

    3. Excel - The zip file contains an Excel 2010 spreadsheet of all the raw data from the FAA downloads.

    FAA Wind Turbine Location Data Downloads for the current year: Basic Metadata
    FAA Attribute Definitions




    Jan 2020 Jan 2020 Jan 2020

    Data from Previous Years

    * zip file (20-30 mb) includes file geodatabase with four feature classes and associated layer (.lyr) files
    ** zip files (30-40 mb) contains four KMZ files for each FWS Region
    *** zip file (70-80 mb) contains Excel .xlsx file
    Last updated: January 6, 2020