Wolf Livestock Loss Demonstration Project Grant Program

The Wolf Livestock Loss Demonstration Project Grant Program, authorized through Subtitle C of the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009, provides federal financial assistance to states and tribes for two purposes: 

  1. Prevention - Provide funding to assist livestock producers in undertaking proactive, nonlethal activities to reduce the risk of livestock loss due to predation by wolves.

  2. Compensation - Provide funding to reimburse livestock producers for livestock losses due to such predation.

Proactive, nonlethal preventive measures eligible for funding include, but are not limited to, fencing, livestock guard dogs, and range riders who patrol areas occupied by livestock susceptible to predation by wolves. Depredation Compensation funding may be used for the reimbursement of livestock losses due to confirmed wolf depredation. Qualifying livestock includes cattle, swine, horses, mules, sheep, goats and livestock guard animals.  

States and tribes (hereafter, applicants) may apply for Depredation Compensation funding for the reimbursement of livestock losses and/or a Depredation Prevention funding for preventative management activities that occur on federal, state, or private land, or land owned by, or held in trust for the benefit of, a tribe.

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State governments and Native American tribal governments that are federally recognized are eligible for funding through the Wolf Livestock Loss Demonstration Project Grant Program. Additional eligibility requirements are available through Grants.gov.​ 


Applicants must submit applications through Grants.gov. Detailed guidance on how to prepare applications is provided in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) available online at Grants.gov and Grantsolutions.gov. The NOFO should be read carefully to ensure that applications meet all eligibility requirements and are complete upon submission. 


Government or Government Representative - State Government
Native American Tribal Agency or Organization - Federally Recognized
Native American Tribal Member or Agency - Federally Recognized
Native American Tribal Governments - Federally Recognized
State Governments