3-200-74: Partially Complete Certificate under a Master File or an Annual Program File under CITES

This supplemental application is to be used by applicants who have already established a master file or an annual program file for native species. Once a master file or annual program file has been established, the holder may request any number of additional single-use documents based on the materials on file. These single-use permits are essentially identical (other than the permit number) and will contain specific blank spaces, identified on the face of the permit, to be completed by the holder of the master file or annual program file.   

Who Needs It

An individual or business can establish a master file or an annual program file, which allows for the issuance of multiple single-use permits, by submitting the appropriate application form for the requested activity or registration.   

You cannot submit a request for partially completed certificates until you have been approved for a Master File or annual program and receive your Master File number. 

To Complete This Form You Will Need the Following:

  • An established Master File. 


To Submit an Application

To submit an application online or through the mail, follow the instructions on our ePermits site

Application Processing Fee

  • $5 per permit
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