3-200-65: Registration of Appendix-I Commercial Breeding Operations under CITES

This application can be used to register or renew an established commercial breeding operations for wildlife listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).  

Who Needs It

If you are applying for initial registration of an Appendix-I commercial breeding operation, complete section E of the application form. If you are applying for renewal of an existing registration, complete section F of the application form

To Complete This Form You Will Need the Following:

For All Species

  • Information on your breeding experience and breeding success.

For Native Species

Detailed information regarding your dedicated breeding stock, including: 

  • Signed and dated breeder’s statement.
  • 3-186A form(s) documenting the history of transactions for each specimen.

For Non-Native Species

Detailed information regarding your dedicated breeding stock, including:

  • Signed breeder’s statement.
  • Documentation establishing the legal origin of your founder stock.

Information regarding your breeding facility, including: 

  • Diagrams and photographs of your existing facilities.
  • Safety measures used to prevent escapes and/or thefts.
  • Veterinary care and food source.
  • Any applicable copies of Federal and/or State permits.


To Submit an Application

To submit an application online or through the mail, follow the instructions on our ePermits site

Application Processing Fee

  • Initial: $100 
  • Renewal: $50 




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