3-200-43: Take/Import/Transport/Export of Marine Mammals or Amendment of Permit (MMPA; ESA)

Use this application for the take, import, export, or re-export of marine mammal species (or their parts) under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (sea otters, marine otter, polar bears, walrus, manatees, and dugongs for purposes of public display of live animals, scientific research, or enhancement under the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) and/or U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA).  

This application may also be used to apply for a letter of authorization (LOA) under MMPA Sections 109(h)/112(c) and/or an ESA permit for enhancement of propagation or survival of the species, which would provide authorization to work as a “cooperator” for the purpose(s) of rescue, rehabilitation, and/or release of stranded marine mammals. Finally, this application may be used for the renewal and/or amendment of an existing permit for these activities.

To Complete This Form You Will Need the Following:

  • Provide a copy of any other applicable federal, local, or state permissions (e.g., National Wildlife Refuge Special Use Permit, NOAA National Marine Sanctuary permit, etc.) required to conduct your proposed work, OR indicate whether you have applied for, secured, or will apply for such permissions. 
  • A wide variety of additional documentation may be needed depending on the requested activity. 

Application Processing Fees

  • $300 Public Display of Live Animals 
  • $150 Scientific Research 
  • $150 Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release (RRR) 
  • $150 MMPA Enhancement 


Animal Owner/Pet Owner
AZA Accredited Facility or Society
Public Zoo/Zoological Park/Aquarium
Qualified Rehabber - Commercial
Qualified Rehabber - Individual
Researcher or Research Facility - Biomedical Company
Researcher or Research Facility - Commercial Scientific
Researcher or Research Facility - Public Scientific Society
ePermit ID