3-200-32: Export/Re-Export of Plants and Plant Products under CITES

This application covers a wide range of CITES-listed plant specimens, whether live or dead and including any readily recognizable parts, products, or derivatives unless otherwise noted in the Appendices. To determine whether a plant species is regulated under CITES, when the species was listed, and whether exemptions apply to your requested activity and would then not require a CITES permit, see https://www.speciesplus.net/  

Who Needs It

Use this application form for exports or re-exports of:

  • wild plants/plant products 
  • non-commercial shipments of cultivated plants/plant products 
  • pre-Convention1 plants/plant products (including commercial shipments of musical instruments)
  • commercial shipments of finished products or lumber 
  • re-exports under an ATA Carnet 
  • non-commercial shipments as part of a household move or plant society exhibition 

Please review our webpages Wood & Other Tree ProductsMusical Instruments, and if relevant, What Can I Do With My Ivory? for important guidance and reminders. 

The following activities require a different application form: 

  • To request authorization for commercial exports of live plants that are artificially propagated in the United States, applicants should complete application form 3-200-33.
  • To request authorization for the import of wild-collected CITES Appendix I plants, applicants should complete form 3-200-35.
  • To request authorization for plants listed in the Endangered Species Act, applicants should complete form 3-200-36. 

Master File

Master Files may be obtained for overarching programs that require multiple exports. Once your program is approved, a Master File may be valid for at least one year, not to exceed 3. You would then apply separately for individual, partially complete permits which you would customize for each shipment using 3-200-74. To renew or amend an existing Master File, locate the Master File you wish to renew or amend, select it, then choose the renew or amend button.

You must wait for a Master File to be established, renewed, or amended, prior to applying for individual, partially complete permits. You will be notified that your Master File is valid so you can apply for the permits associated with your Master File.

To Complete This Form You Will Need the Following:

  • A wide variety of additional documentation may be needed depending on the requested activity. 
  • Please note in addition to obtaining this permit for your proposed activity, for any commercial activity you will need to obtain an import / export license from our Office of Law Enforcement.

U.S. Entities Apply Here

Foreign Entities Apply Here


To Submit Online

For Mail-in Submission

Application Processing Fee

  • $200 to Establish a New Masterfile 
  • $100 to Amend or Reissue an Established Masterfile 
  • $5 each for required partially completed permits to accompany each shipment under a Master File 
  • $100 Export 
  • $100 Re-Export 
  • $75 Pre-Convention Specimens 
  • $50 Personal/Household Plants 


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