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Cooperative Agricultural Opportunities

Cooperative Agricultural Opportunities

February 9, 2018 CAA

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is seeking interested individuals to partner with the Service in wildlife habitat management activities through establishing Cooperative Agricultural Agreements (CAAs) on Service lands within the Valley City Wetland Management District (WMD). Cooperative Agricultural Agreements (CAAs) are agreements between the Service and an individual to conduct prescribed grazing, haying, and/or farming activities on Service lands. The time period of a CAA can be as short as one month or up to five years in length. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply. CAAs will be offered through an open and competitive process which may include a monetary bid system, a ranking process, or a lottery. To apply, interested individuals will need to submit a Commercial Activities Special Use Permit Application. A link to this application form is provided on the Valley City WMD website. You will also be required to submit a Cooperative Agricultural Use Application. Please contact the Valley City WMD office to obtain a copy of this form. For information on CAA opportunities, application periods, or to obtain application forms, please contact District Manager Kurt Tompkins at: 701-845-3466 or kurt_tompkins@fws.gov.

Commercial Activities Special Use Permit Application
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